The “UnCarrier” Approach to Communications

About RealCom

Dealing with large communications carriers is difficult. From quota-driven sales reps to painful customer support experiences, businesses across the country trust RealCom Solutions to provide the ultimate uncarrier approach to communications. Our team of experts spent decades on the carrier side of telecom and have experience firsthand the challenges and roadblocks that exist when working with carriers directly. In most cases, the communication needs of the business take a back seat to the sales goals of the carrier.

We started RealCom Solutions to end the cycle of misguided solutions and lackluster support. We believe that your business deserves an effortless, effective, and efficient option for deploying communications solutions that fit your unique business challenges, not a service that drives higher commission rates for a sales rep.

Our team of experts, each with over 25 years of experience in the telecom industry, are fanatical about ensuring that you never have to manage a carrier relationship again. Period. We work with you to determine the technology and service levels your business needs to be successful and leverage our vendor relationships to obtain a customized solution that fits your business like a glove. But, we don’t stop there. Unlike major carriers, we take your experience even further by providing high-touch support, project management, and contract negotiation, taking your technology requirement from a must-have to a dynamic customer experience.

Our Client-First Business

Throughout our growth, our commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients has never changed. Our number one goal is to find you the best solution for your business, at the best price, in the most hassle-free way possible.

Client-First Business Model

Our allegiance is to you, not the carrier. We work to understand your business and challenges, then present you with the ideal solution to meet your communication needs. As a vendor-neutral, independent agency, we aren’t beholden to any specific carrier. This means you can rest assured that we will present you with the solution that works, not just the solution the carrier wants to sell. Our pledge to you is that we will always keep your business first and be objective in our recommendations, committed only to what is best for your business.

An Extension of Your Business

As your trusted advisor in technology, we view ourselves as an extension of your business. Working alongside you, we aim to not only advise your business but to always build value for your company. Leveraging our vast network of vendors, we advocate on your behalf to negotiate best-price contracts to ensure you are getting the best value for your technology spend. Our mission is to navigate the ever-changing landscape of communications for you, so you can focus on what’s important to you – your business.

Our Results-Driven Approach

Your business should drive the technology solutions you deploy, not the other way around. By taking a results-driven approach, we help you optimize, consolidate, and reduce telecom expenses. We do this by digging deep into your current telecom and network solutions, gaining valuable visibility into every aspect of your telecom expenses. This information allows us to find the most competitive pricing on the solutions you need and negotiate contracts that fit your budget. Once the ideal solutions and contracts are in place, our team of experts are there to handle project management, account setup and ongoing account management.

With RealCom Solutions, you get guaranteed savings, solutions that fit your business, and a team of advocates that put your business before anything else. Contact us today, and let RealCom Solutions show you how to improve your business with our UnCarrier Approach.

Charlie Bogart Founder & CEO

  • 29 years Industry Leadership
  • RealCom Solutions founder 12 years ago

Bob HamiltonDirector of Service-Support

  • 29 years Industry Excellence
  • Service/Support Leadership at MCI and AT&T

Tammy FromelDirector of Operations

  • 25 years Industry Leadership /
  • PMP
  • Former Director of IT for 70 location restaurant

Pam BurnsCertified Project Manager

  • 22 years Industry Excellence
  • Service / Support focused for twenty years

Tom Savino Client Account Manager

  • 27 years Industry Excellence
  • Service Leadership at MCI and Verizon

Sam ChicolNational Accounts Director

  • 28 years Industry Excellence
  • Leadership with MCI, Qwest and RCiS

Glen SmithNational Accounts Manager

  • 32 years Industry Excellence
  • Sales Leadership at MCI, Qwest and PAETEC

Linda Miossec National Accounts Director

  • 20 years Enterprise Client Management / Verizon, Windstream
  • UCaaS and Hosted Solutions
  • Leadership roles

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