Making Communication As Simple As It Should Be

About RealCom

Each of our team members spent years on the carrier side of telecom, watching the same issues crop up time and again: imperfect solutions being implemented for clients without the support they required. Telecom is an investment. We wanted to see it become as effortless, efficient, and effective as we knew it could be.

Leveraging over 300 years of combined industry experience, we set out to improve the way clients interacted with their telecom providers. By adding on-hand support, deep expertise, and industry savvy negotiation skills to their team, we turned telecom from a must-have into a dynamic source of value.

Over a decade and a half later, we’ve grown our services to support new technologies and expanded to become a true network infrastructure service provider. We’ve added numerous partners and vendors to our network, allowing us to be a single point of contact for your network needs, whether you have 1 location or 10,000.

A Partner For Your Growth

Throughout our growth, our commitment to exceptional client service has remained the same. Our only obligation is to what is best for your business.

Vendor Neutral

We are not beholden to anyone other than our clients. We are an independent agency and do not show preference to any of the vendors we work with. We are not a reseller or aggregator, which keeps us objective in our recommendations and committed only to what is best for your business.

Client Advocate

We strive to maintain a partnership with each of our clients, augmenting your team and working alongside you to build value for your company. We understand both the client and vendor side of networking and telecom, allowing us to negotiate best-possible contracts and help make the complex networking landscape more clear

Knowledge Driven.
Client Focused.

Knowledge builds value. Communication delivers it. The network infrastructure your communications are built on is foundational to your business. It ensures your team has the information and support they need to perform and empowers your company’s growth. On the other hand, an inefficient network can cause bottlenecks, hamper your progress, and drive up costs.

We want to give you the network you need to innovate and own your vertical. 

From your telephone lines to your data centers, your network should provide the flexibility, speed, reliability, and power that your business needs to thrive. By designing ideal network solutions, optimizing and consolidating existing engagements, and supporting ongoing agreements, we bring out the opportunities that lie within your network.

Further, by taking the heavy lifting off of your team, we’re able to free your staff to focus on creating value rather than removing obstacles. All while optimizing your network resources to be as cost efficient as possible.

Our Team

Our team has the expertise needed to make any network infrastructure issue seem small. With over 300 years of combined experience, we’ve faced every issue possible more than once and are dedicated making your team as successful as possible.

Charlie Bogart Founder & CEO

  • 29 years Industry Leadership
  • RealCom Solutions founder 12 years ago

Bob HamiltonDirector of Service-Support

  • 29 years Industry Excellence
  • Service/Support Leadership at MCI and AT&T

Tammy FromelDirector of Operations

  • 25 years Industry Leadership /
  • PMP
  • Former Director of IT for 70 location restaurant

Pam BurnsCertified Project Manager

  • 22 years Industry Excellence
  • Service / Support focused for twenty years

Tom Savino Client Account Manager

  • 27 years Industry Excellence
  • Service Leadership at MCI and Verizon

Sam ChicolNational Accounts Director

  • 28 years Industry Excellence
  • Leadership with MCI, Qwest and RCiS

Glen SmithNational Accounts Manager

  • 32 years Industry Excellence
  • Sales Leadership at MCI, Qwest and PAETEC

Linda Miossec National Accounts Director

  • 20 years Enterprise Client Management / Verizon, Windstream
  • UCaaS and Hosted Solutions
  • Leadership roles

RealCom Solutions Makes A Difference

Whether in the office or in the community, RealCom Solutions strives to make a difference in the lives of others. When we’re not breaking down infrastructure issues, we love supporting the causes below.