Medical Company Case Study

Business / 21.06.2016

This Fortune 100 medical company needed resources to support its quickly growing business units and to free up its staff to support the innovation that has driven its radical growth. RealCom Solutions has now served the client for more than 13 years, helping multiple business units continue to grow and do so efficiently.


The Challenge

  • One division of this Fortune 100 medical company was going to open a new contact center and needed to ensure the center’s infrastructure was as efficient as possible.
  • The call center’s opening was on a tight timeline and the company was struggling to assemble the right mix of carriers, vendors, and solutions


The Solution

  • RealCom Solutions quickly assessed the call center’s needs, recommended a solution, and provided competitive quotes from different carriers and vendors.
  • Having crafted an optimum service, RealCom Solutions managed the implementation of local and long-distance service, a PBX solution, and inside wiring.
  • The contact center was able to open on-time and with a more efficient cost structure than any other location the company had deployed.


The Challenge

  • Having successfully opened its contact center, the medical company brought RealCom Solutions in to work with the larger business unit responsible for the contact center.
  • This business unit was rapidly scaling up. In the process, it was struggling to manage its network infrastructure or ensure that it was getting the best cost structure possible.
  • In an attempt to keep each of its business units as nimble as possible, each had been structured to manage its own IT and communication infrastructure.

The Solution

  • RealCom Solutions conducted a thorough analysis of the business unit’s environment and found numerous ways to optimize its operations.
  • RealCom Solutions’ recommended that the unit utilize local PRIs instead of POTS and trunks. This change alone reduced costs by tens of thousands of dollars annually. RealCom Solutions took over ongoing network help desk activities, enabling the business unit to stay focused on delivering the high growth numbers and innovation expected from it.


In the years since Phases I & II of its engagement, RealCom Solutions has come to serve multiple business units of the medical company across a range of activities. Throughout its work, RealCom Solutions has enabled the company to focus on the activities that drive value and enable innovation, rather than simply maintaining its infrastructure. A major highlight of the continued relationship has been:


  • The strict regulations around the medical industry require services and products to be supported by the highest levels of reliability and security.
  • RealCom Solutions helped this medical company surpass its regulatory requirements for disaster recovery through producing an in-depth disaster recovery plan around its IT resources, including adding a colocated data center.
  • Following helping the medical company put a plan in place, RealCom Solutions helped the client evaluate multiple data center options and migrate to the new facility.
  • RealCom Solutions visited and evaluated multiple data centers that met the client’s specifications and conducted negotiations to ensure the client received the best possible rates for their resources.

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