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RealCom Solutions

As an innovative and growing organization, there’s no time to waste simply keeping the phones connected or trying to renegotiate minor contracts. You and your team need to focus on the activities that drive value for the company and supporting your broader operations.

RealCom Solutions delivers network consulting and management services that optimize your infrastructure, reduce your cost, and free your team from becoming mired in network management.

From advising on new service selection to auditing your expenses to contract negotiation, RealCom Solutions offers a broad array of products and services that help your company communicate. Through our unique position in the industry, we are able to offer the majority of our services without fee to our clients.

Your communication and network infrastructure is an investment. We want you to reap the greatest returns possible.

Our Products & Services

RealCom Solutions can help your business with a wide array of network products and solutions. Thanks to our unique relationships and skill set, our work on the majority of the solutions below falls into our fee-free model.


  • Local Service
  • Long Distance
  • International
  • Toll Free
  • VOIP
  • Contingency Planning
  • Line Consolidation
  • Conferencing
  • Bundled Solutions
  • Phone Equipment


  • High Speed Internet / DSL
  • Dial-Up
  • Dedicated T1 to OC-x
  • WANS
  • IP / VPN
  • Frame Relay / ATM
  • MPLS
  • Video & Web Conferencing
  • PCI Compliance

Managed Service

  • Help Desk
  • Trouble Reporting
  • Billing Issues Resolution
  • Moves / Adds / Changes / Deletions
  • Extended Demarcations
  • Structured Cabling

Hosted Services

  • Co-Location
  • Basic Hosting
  • Managed Hosting

Mobility Solutions

  • Wireless Service
  • Wireless Internet
  • Wireless Equipment

RealCom Integrated Solutions

Through select business partners we are able to deliver network solutions beyond the traditional scope of telecom management. These solutions fall outside our fee-free model, but radically expand our ability to deliver powerful networking resources to your business.

  • Project Management of Router Installation, including: Staging, Configuration, Testing, & Installation
  • Managed Network Services
  • Inside Wiring & Cabling
  • Design, Installation, & Integration of Wi-Fi and DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems)
  • Data Center Migration
  • Telecom & Wireless Expense Management
  • Mobile Device Management

Find out more about the powerful services RealCom Integrated Solutions can provide below.

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Telecom Lifecycle Management


RealCom Solutions is capable of managing every aspect of your network infrastructure, from auditing current engagements to contract negotiations.

Beginning with a deep dive into your current network needs and services, we can help you quickly gain visibility and control over your expenses. Keeping up with ongoing management activities and help desk needs can easily tax the most proficient team. We can take the strain off your staff and speed up delivery of changes. Further, by providing apples-to-apples service comparisons, designing improved solutions, and negotiating effective contracts, we can help ensure that your network is as powerful as possible, while keeping your costs lean. The majority of our lifecycle management activities are provided without fee from RealCom Solutions.

Telecom Lifecycle Management Services Include:

  • Inventory Gathering & Management
  • Invoice & Contract Review / Billing Audit
  • Analysis & Matrix Creation
  • Selection Assistance
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Negotiations of Contracts, Pricing, Terms, & Conditions
  • Ordering
  • Carrier & Vendor Coordination
  • Asset Management
  • Cost Recovery
  • Implementation
  • Expense Management & Bill Review
  • Moves, Adds, Changes, Disconnects
  • Submit Letters of Disconnect
  • Submit “Do Not Renew” letters
  • Competitive Rate Reviews
  • Trouble Escalation and Resolution

Grow Your Capacity,
Not Your Payroll.

We take the legwork out of building ideal network solutions for your business and we do it without charging you a fee.

Unlike most brokers, RealCom Solutions does not charge its clients any fees for the majority of its solutions. Instead, we are compensated on a residual basis by the vendors and carriers who provide the services you use. These residuals do not increase the rate you are charged by the carrier and are allocated from the carrier’s margin.

We have established relationships with the majority of major carriers, but we are not a reseller. This allows us to maintain our vendor agnostic approach, while still not charging you a fee for our services. Combining our fee-free solutions and cost reduction efforts can provide substantial gains to your bottom line, boosting your capacity while actually lowering your overhead.

Gain an advocate and advisor savvy enough to deliver a fee-free solution. Unshackle your communications without growing your budget.


Testimonials About RealCom Solutions

We believe a client continuing to do business with us is the greatest accolade possible. Fortunately, RealCom Solutions has been working with a number of incredible clients since its founding. From healthcare to technology to retail to real estate, the testimonials below represent the outcome of our work across a range of industries.

RealCom Solutions has changed the way I view Telco and data network provisioning chores. They act as my advocate, ensuring my company gets the best possible solution at the best possible price.

Several times I have sent quotation requests directly to “the big three” as well as RealCom Solutions. In every situation, RealCom Solutions has provided significantly better pricing. In addition, they manage implementation details all the way to turn-up.

After working with RealCom on a half-dozen projects, I can honestly say the professionalism and knowledge of the entire RealCom Solutions staff has been a huge asset to me and my company.

CTOPharmacy Solutions Provider

They helped us open a new call center. They saved us significant time and expense, all at no cost to us.”

Director of TechnologyMajor BioServices Company

RealCom Solutions saved us over $200,000 auditing our locations, removing unused services and implementing a new national long distance contract.

Manager Corporate InfrastructureMajor Travel Corporation with Over 140 Locations

They negotiated pricing that saved us $1 million over 3 years!”

VP of OperationsMedical Information Company with Over 250 locations

RealCom Solutions has provided excellent service and has added value to the services we can offer our Clients

Director of LeasingCommercial Real Estate Company

Thanks for your diligence and commitment on our project, it went off very well!

Director of Customer EventsMajor Pharmaceutical Distributor

Great Job and Thanks! Looking forward to working with you as some of our other locations. When you get a chance, I would like to discuss some new projects that we are considering for Phoenix.

ManagerMajor Trucking Company

All 3 of our sites are now up and running on the new circuits. Let me tell you how happy I am with the switch-overs! You were very responsive and able to handle some last minute issues with DID ports. It was a superb job of communication and follow-through. It was a pleasant experience.

Manager of ITRadio Station in Portland

We will certainly continue working together and I will always promote your company. Of all the companies I have done business with, yours is the highest quality and value that I have ever experienced.

CIOMajor Healthcare Company With Over 150 Locations