Restaurant Chain Case Study

Business / 21.06.2016

This restaurant chain of 75 U.S. locations needed to update their POTS-heavy infrastructure. RealCom Solutions planned and managed the installation of data lines and the move to a hosted PBX solution across all its locations. In the years since the engagement began, the restaurant chain has grown enormously, and so has its engagement with RealCom Solutions.


  • Beginning with a single location in the early 1980s, this restaurant chain had expanded to 75 locations across the United States.
  • Originally carrying 7 POTS lines per location, the company knew it needed to update its communications infrastructure, but wasn’t sure what the right course of action might be.
  • The company wanted to complete its updates as quickly as possible without disrupting ongoing operations at all locations.


  • RealCom Solutions completed a thorough analysis of this restaurant chain’s existing network infrastructure and its projected needs for each location, including creating a matrix of services and costs across all its locations.
  • Following analysis, RealCom Solutions recommended replacing 5 of the 7 existing lines at each location and implementing a hosted PBX solution.
  • Analyzing quotes from multiple carriers and handling vendor negotiations, RealCom Solutions was able to secure the most aggressively priced T1 line implementations possible.
  • RealCom Solutions managed the implementation process, sparing the restaurant chain’s staff any major time investment throughout the process.


RealCom Solutions’ activities across the restaurant chain’s 75 locations began a lasting partnership that continues today. Through an acquisition and further growth, the restaurant chain has now expanded to more than 800 locations and multiple restaurant concepts around the world. RealCom Solutions has delivered constant support to the organization with highlights of the engagement including:



  • In the midst of its rapid growth, the company was ready to migrate from on-premise resources to an offsite data center.
  • RealCom Solutions helped the organization evaluate multiple options for their reliability, security, performance, and cost efficiency.
  • RealCom Solutions managed the migration process, ensuring no major service interruptions occurred, costs were managed, and its team was free to continue supporting its operations.



  • In optimizing its broader operations, this restaurant chain has closed two of its office locations, consolidating their footprint, but necessitating data center migrations and numerous MACDs.
  • RealCom Solutions has planned and executed the communications infrastructure and data center changes necessary to make these moves happen, keeping costs in check and timelines for execution ahead of schedule.



  • During its rapid growth, this restaurant chain had lost control over, and visibility, into its communication expenses. Further, its staff was having trouble keeping up with the steady flow of support requests coming from its numerous locations.
  • RealCom Solutions stepped in to provide comprehensive expense management and help desk support that included: analyzing service records, contracts, and invoices across hundreds of accounts; sourcing a wholesaler for billing and invoicing; radically reducing costs through consolidation and optimization of existing engagements; and deeply cutting resource drain on internal staff.

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